White apartment in Kyiv

Project details

ProjectWhite apartment in Kyiv

Area120 sq.m.

LocationKyiv, Ukraine


PhotoIvan Avdeenko

Apartment 120 sq. m for a couple who lives in London. The couple comes to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, only to meet with their relatives. Therefore, the task of the designers was to provide comfortable accommodation for several families.

The original layout involved a separate kitchen with one window and a long corridor with many doors on opposite sides. But since the owners of the apartment love to cook and receive guests, it was decided to combine the kitchen and living room areas and highlight the dining area near large panoramic windows. Due to the fact that the entrance to the kitchen from the corridor was moved, a comfortable dressing room and a technical room were created in its place.

To protect the privacy of the common area, an enfilade of sliding doors made of flutes glass was designed, which allows light to pass through, but leaves private space invisible.

The apartment is located in the historical center of Kyiv, and the view from the windows to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, a monastery which was found in 1051 and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has become the leitmotif of the design project. “We wanted to bring a little classics, history and the city itself”, says Anastasiia Vilchinskaya, chief architect of the project, founder of Vilchinskaya Design Bureau.

At the entrance, above a console made of onyx, according to sketches from a slab, there is a black and white photography of a famous Kyiv photographer, overlooking the Paton Bridge.

Natural stone, yellow metal, delicate stucco moldings, creamy walls and a minimal amount of decor formed the design concept. The interior is built on rhythm and texture. The only active accent was the wine color, which diluted the chamberiness of the bedrooms. Brighter and more active — the guest bedroom, the De Majo Babol table lamp gives a playful and retro mood, the figurine above the bed — irony over modernity.

For the master bedroom, the bed and bedside tables were made according to sketches, a Chinese vintage chest of drawers was ordered from France, it is hand-painted and inlaid with stones. The master bedroom has its own large dressing room, which is combined with a bath and a bathroom with a shower. A wall with illuminated onyx is a reminder of the eternity of natural materials, their long history and tactile sensations.

The living room is equipped with Italian brands Alf Italia and Gallotti&Radice, a CB2 armchair, LEDS C4 light, a bed in the guest bedroom belongs to the Lema brand, lamps and a table lamp are Pikart Lights and De Majo, respectively. The kitchen, as well as the bed and cabinets in the master bedroom, were made according to the sketches of the bureau’s designers.

Living room
Dining table — Alf Italia
Dining Chairs — Alf Italia
Coffee tables — Gallotti&Radice
Vase — Yuri Musatov
Armchair — CB2
Light — LEDS C4

Chairs and vases in the kitchen — Calligaris
Kitchen — made according to sketches

Bed — Lema
Lamps — Pikart Lights
Table lamp — De Majo
Wallpaper — Designers Guild

Master bedroom
Chest of drawers — vintage, France
Bed and bedside tables — according to the designer’s sketches
Plumbing — Fima Carlo Frattini
Paint — Argile, Farrow and Ball